17th August 1994 is when it all started.  Audio Visual Events Ltd (known as AV Events) was born.  In those days it was called YTV Ltd because Scott had been working as a sole trader for 5 years already.

Starting with a single video camera and a Sony 3 gun projector, Scott worked with Ian Grant from YFC to produce their Town Hall Concerts.  Growing in skills and equipment, the commercial market was his area of interest, so he started providing services for Sales conferences, Annual General Meetings, Awards evenings………and the list kept on growing.

From one vehicle (good old faithful L300 van) to 7, we have kept on moving throughout New Zealand.  Our warehouse kept on getting crowded, we have had to move 5 times in 25 years, recently moving into bigger and brighter premises.

With technology changing, our bank balance keeps on getting hit because of the purchasing of new equipment.  From new radio mic’s, digital consoles to ultra bright projectors, the purchase list would turn this web page into a novel.

With multiple jobs happening every day, the staff wage bill increases as well.  Now we have specialised people in each area of the business.

From small customers to international customers, AV Events treats each client with care, respect  and honesty.

AV Events Van

Scott MacKenzie, Managing Director

Birth Place Howick, Auckland
Hobbies Fishing, Wake Boarding
Biggest Fish Mr King Fish at White Island
Drink of Choice Coke & Baileys (not together)
Formal Qualifications National Certificate in Business
Highest Speeding Ticket 78 in 50 area
Loves Wife, my 3 kids and chocolate ice cream
Hates Windows 8
Years of Experience Playing with video gear since 1975
Technical Experience Specializes in crew management;  Technical Direction; Video Production & AV
Ford or Holden Only Holden

Shona MacKenzie, Director

Birth Place Taranaki
Hobbies Reading, Fitness, V8’s & Red Wine
Biggest Fish I like to eat them, not catch them
Drink of Choice Red Wine
Formal Qualifications A mother of three busy children
Highest Speeding Ticket Couldn’t catch me
Loves My husband (& coffee)
Hates Fords
Years of Experience For which job??????
Technical Experience I can play a DVD and manage my IPhone
Ford or Holden Holden of course!   MRSV8 rocks!

Chris Just, Account Manager

Birth Place Auckland
Hobbies Web Design and Computers
Biggest Fish Haven’t been out all year as Scott sold the boat
Drink of Choice Whiskey
Formal Qualifications Cert of Sound & Lighting
Highest Speeding Ticket Never had one
Loves My Wife & Kids
Hates Mushrooms
Years of Experience 18 Yrs
Technical Experience Church Production, Roadshows, Production Releases, Corporate Training, Accounts Management, Technical Direction. Film & TV Pre Lighting, Rigging, Touring, Audio, Lighting, Vision, Watchout, the list just keeps going.
Ford or Holden Dodge

Elliot Stainton, Operation Manager and Logistics

Birth Place Christchurch
Hobbies  Cars
Biggest Fish Haven’t got one
Drink of Choice Insulin
Formal Qualifications  No letters after my name
Highest Speeding Ticket Too high to tell
Loves  Cars
Hates  Slow drivers
Years of Experience Millions of hours
Technical Experience Fixing things
Ford or Holden  Hino / Opel

Jono Pratt, Head of Video

Birth Place Auckland
Hobbies Videography / Photography (I love my job)
Biggest Fish Scott sold the boat!
Drink of Choice Fanta
Formal Qualification NCEA 1 -3, Bachelor of Business Studies Degree, Diploma Film and Television (South Seas Film School), ICDL
Highest Speeding Ticket er......
Loves Wife and my family
Hates Hate's too strong a word
Years of Experience 15 years
Technical Experience Started at 2 years old working on a computer
Ford or Holden Toyotas are more reliable

Tate Dooner, Account Manager and Technician

Birth Place Auckland
Hobbies Extreme off roading and firefighting
Biggest Fish Soooooooooo BIG the boat wasn't big enough
Drink of Choice Feijoa Juice
Formal Qualifications South Seas Film School
Highest Speeding Ticket Quite high (Don't tell Scott)
Loves Christmas Lights, off roading and being active... LOVES Food!!
Hates Traffic, painting base plates, and early mornings
Years of Experience A life time’s worth
Technical Experience  All my life working with technology
Ford or Holden Holden

Joseph Martin - Technician

Birth Place Gisborne
Hobbies shooting guns (airsoft)
Biggest Fish I only fish for trout
Drink of Choice Coke
Formal Qualification Diploma in Audio Engineering 
Highest Speeding Ticket None (yet)
Loves Sound
Hates Lighting 
Years of Experience 5 years
Technical Experience Many years
Ford or Holden Holden

Carrina Bowe, Account Manager

Birth Place  
Hobbies Design
Biggest Fish   Do goldfish count?
Drink of Choice     Water
Formal Qualifications        
Highest Speeding Ticket        I slow down when I see speed cameras
Loves Tony
Years of Experience  
Technical Experience Lighting, Design
Ford or Holden      I have better taste than Ford or Holden…

Peter MacKenzie - Technician

Birth Place Auckland
Hobbies  Lightning and Drumming
Biggest Fish 8.5kg
Drink of Choice Coffee
Formal Qualifications  A card that says I'm competent
Highest Speeding Ticket Haven't had one yet
Loves  Flashing people (the lighting kind)
Hates  Beans and slow drivers
Years of Experience Since I could walk
Technical Experience Since 2010
Ford or Holden  Corollas are better
peter mack-77

Jordan MacKenzie - Technician

Birth Place Unknown
Hobbies  Music
Biggest Fish Huge
Drink of Choice  
Formal Qualifications   
Highest Speeding Ticket  
Loves  Family
Years of Experience 4 year
Technical Experience  
Ford or Holden   



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