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Do not underestimate the value of quality Audio at your event


"Can you hear me?"

Don't let this be the first sentence from your presenter's mouth!

Audio is one area which needs to be done correctly - especially if you want your audience to stay awake rather than lose focus because they cannot hear - it needs to be done well. 

We have small sound systems for 20, 50 people or larger systems appropriate for crowds of thousands. We provide systems for speaking and for bands. We only use high quality professional audio equipment from manufacturers such as Turbosound, Shure, Sennheiser, Soundcraft & Yamaha. You can be assured that you will be heard and your message will be clearly communicated.

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Radio Microphones

High quality wireless mics are critical. We use the latest Sennheiser UHF Handheld & Lapel’s and DPA Headset mics if you want to avoid interference and reduce the risk of audio dropouts or feedback. We can provide additional distribution amplifiers and splitters along with high gain antennas to improve coverage for multi microphone or critical applications.

We also have a large range of wired Microphones to suit any application.

Sound Systems

There is no such thing as one size fits all. We will specify a sound system to suit your particular needs. We have small discrete systems that will blend into the background or large ‘front of house’ systems providing earth moving, chest thumping bass and crystal clear mids and highs.

Line Array

AV Events is proud to own a Turbosound Flex Array sound system. Being the first in New Zealand, we are now able to cater for larger events and keep the high quality that we pride our company on. Flex array combines elements of line source technology in a single product range for exceptional flexibility in application. We acquired 18x TFA600hw mid high speakers and a total of 8x TSW-218 subwoofers. We can provide a flown or ground stacked system. The Flex array is powered by LAB.gruppen PLM series amplifiers with Lake processing. So far our Audio Engineers and customers have been very happy with the results produced on our events. 

Audio Consoles

We have a range of both analogue and digital audio consoles, both large and small format to suit any size events whether it be just a lectern mic or a full size band. We use both Soundcraft and Yamaha digital consoles with digital audio snakes.

There are many benefits of digital consoles. We can integrate with an iPad to control the console from anywhere in the venue as well as have access to the best dynamic processing and effects, all in one compact unit.

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