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Time to encourage the troops. 

Conferences are important events for organisations, so your guests should be able to hear and see every aspect of your presentation without challenge. From small meetings with 10-20 people, to large events with thousands, we'll work with you to deliver a great experience. Whether you need your meeting to be recorded for reference, live streamed so that they can view the meeting from their office with options for them to pause and playback after the event, or to simply deliver a quality presentation to those in the room using audio and visual elements, we're your crew.

Often with multiple presenters, having a slick audio provider is key in ensuring that your board members, shareholders and others in the room have clarity of audio from stage, and don't notice speaker change overs etc. This is all part of representing your company as a professional one.

Meetings in multiple cities at the same time? – not a problem. We have delivered live coverage between Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, with two-way video and audio, allowing all three centers to interact with each other.  This is great for teams to connect at the same time and have important messages delivered to the masses.

Our team will deliver to you a great experience.

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