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We're passionate about our LED! We've got so many options as you can see below and we love to come up with new and creative ways to set them up. 

We can create flat and curved screens that can be either inside or outside, and we have funky corner pieces for creating seamless pillars or for boxing in a flat screen tidily for an expo stand. We can hang our LED or have it freestanding; we can use it for a backdrop or for all of your main content... the options are aplenty. 

Talk to our team about your specifics - we'd love to help! 



Indoor or Outdoor

From Cathedrals to Farms.

We have several screen options to accommodate both indoor and outdoor events. So no matter the location, we can make it happen.

PWC Partners

Flat or Curved


With adjustable joins, we have the ability to create concave or convex LED screens to give a unique viewing experience for your audience.

HP Partner Awards LQ-14.jpg

2.9mm Pixel Pitch+

High Quality

The pitch is the distance between the centre of an LED pixel and the next adjacent pixel. The smaller the distance, the closer all the LEDs on the screen are together and the better the resolution - meaning a more detailed picture. 

HOTY - Corner LED Panels.jpg

Corner Pieces

Seamless Corner Pieces

Relatively new to our arsenal, our 2.9mm LED panel even has corner pieces to create seamless pillars or unique shapes. It's just another way to help you dream outside o


Any Size or Layout

LED Screens are Modular

Our screens are made up of 500x500mm panels, allowing you to create almost any size you like. We also have 1m x 500mm modules for speedier set ups too. 

St Alice 4.png

Creative Direction

Custom Screen Designs

Unsure quite what you want? Give us a call at 0800 244 727 to discuss your needs and we can provide you with the best LED screen hire solutions for your event.


Interested in getting a high quality LED screen for your next event? Get in touch below to let us know what you're after.

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