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The best way to change the mood of a space is to change its lighting. From small studio work to large festivals, we bring an arsenal of lights to shape your story.


Northern Easter Camp 2024


Front wash is the staple of every event's lighting rig. It provides evenly distributed lighting across the stage, washing your subject in a warm glow.

With a mixture between wide fresnel washes, to more focussed theatrical spots, we can cover a variety of show types.


Whilst front-wash is essential for just about every type of event, moving lights are where the real magic happens in event production. They bring energy to your show, a dynamic vitality that breathes life into your story.

We use a variety of movers—as we call them—including GLP GT1s, GLP X4L washes, Lightsky F230s, and Chauvet Rogue Outcasts. 


Lights can be used for so much more than lighting up a stage. Think about them as pieces in an art display, using our lights to theme your space.


Our LED pixel tubes in particular can be used in a variety of creative ways: they can make an LED frame around your photo both; uplight walls, plants, or pillars to fill your space with unique colours and patterns; or even create a vibrant chandelier looking installation.

Kenworth 100


We know it can feel overwhelming having to come up with a lighting concept for your event. You have a creative vision in mind, but don't quite know what is needed to polish it off and see it come to life.


Let us help with that.


We want to make this process as simple as possible for you. We will design a lighting rig for you based on your budget and what we think will work best for your individual event. 

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